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At NativeAwa we have a vision which has evolved from the declining water quality of New Zealand’s waterways – the polluted rivers in New Zealand, and in particular the Waikato River.

Our New Zealand-made Floating Wetland System is enabling improved water quality in New Zealand.

NativeAwa have been busy since 2012 restoring wetlands, completing riparian planting and planting New Zealand native plants. We can now see the results of many of our successful revegetation and wetlands projects. They are flourishing and are working towards creating a harmonious ecosystem.

At NativeAwa, we have great respect for both our forebears and future generations. Our work honours the Kaitiakitanga of our land and waterways.

We understand the need to protect and nurture the mauri of all living things and the work we are doing embraces the connection between tangata whenua and the environment.

NativeAwa know the importance of having an integrated, holistic and coordinated approach to the management of the natural, physical, cultural and historic resources of New Zealand’s waterways.

We understand the importance of culturally significant plants, animals, fish, birds and other species, the unwanted flora and fauna, pests and plants and the need to respect cultural heritage.

NativeAwa have heart and understanding, at the core of Robert’s beliefs.

We will work with you in partnership. A sharing of our knowledge – both ours and your invaluable indigenous expertise, ensures that the well-being of the land and waterways are restored and protected.

Our goal is also to increase awareness and increase Maori community capability, enabling this knowledge to be carried forward for a sustainable Aotearoa.

NativeAwa’s team take pride in the environmental work they do. Our team of planters learn key skills to add to their knowledge skills which are then shared with their whanau and communities.

The NativeAwa vision sees an abundance of natural resources, a river we can swim in, and a river providing an abundance of kai and other sustainable recreational activities. Our Intensive native planting and floating wetlands enable sustainable solutions to our environmental issues.

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Robert Shearer

“Our lives have flowed with the Waikato River, we want to restore and protect the Taonga for future New Zealand generations”  Robert Shearer – NativeAwa owner