Project Challenge/Objectives:

Dr Suzanne Lambie (Landcare Research, Hamilton) secured funding from the Waikato River Authority to undertake the restoration of a wetland and riparian system.  The project area is located on private land adjacent to the Mangawara Stream, in the Waikato.  The area to be restored was approximately 2.7 hectares, and involved not only planting of the wetland and riparian zones but also the installation of a floating wetland for treatment of water draining from nearby dairying properties.  The wetland was previously grazed for beef production (Figure 1) and was showing signs of ecosystem degradation, as well as contributing excess nutrients to the Mangawara Stream.

Working with Robert and the team:

NativeAwa was secured to undertake all of the planting and the installation of the floating wetland, as well as to maintain the system post-planting. Robert Shearer is professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work. Robert was also especially helpful when other contractors within the project fell short on their deliverables and he used his connections to maintain the work schedule and budget. His team were good to deal with and were fast and efficient in their work, despite some very trying weather during some of the planting.

Goals for the project:

The overall objectives of the restoration were to reduce nutrient and sediment loadings into the Stream and to allow the system to regenerate following planting and fencing off from cattle grazing. The bulk of work was completed in the first months following obtaining the funding, in quick succession the fencing, planting and installation of the floating wetland was completed. The focus of the project is now to maintain the planting for the next few years to ensure a good start for the ecosystem to recover.


Landcare Research taupiri case study