Landowner: Paul Lim

Location: Kaukapakapa

Property Type: Lifestyle – Subdivision

Property Size: 28 hectares

Challenge/Project: Native Revegetation project to gain title for subdivision potential.

Stage 1 required 21,515 native plants spanning across a 6 hectare block. Paul Lim’s project involved NativeAwa very early on. Working within the community NativeAwa used a local nursery to contract-grow plants for this long term project.

Part of the planting area included was a recently felled pine block – so site preparation was intensive to ensure the area was clear to allow for maximum growth opportunity for new plantings. The property had an existing area of established native block (8ha) and has a neighboring native block, so NativeAwa undertook a pest control program to reduce the number of possums. Then the pasture area to be planted was carefully spot sprayed. An area of exotics was also poisoned and Native Awa under-planted with Puriri and Karakas.

When the soil conditions allowed, planting commenced. There was minimal disruption as the NativeAwa team took on the challenge – planting 23,000 plants within two weeks.

Stage 2 of the project will take place towards the end of the 2014 planting session.

The weed and pest control programme has been tailored for Paul’s project and will continue until compliance is meet.

“I am very pleased with how the project has been run – Robert’s communication has been great. We’ve enjoyed having the NativeAwa team at our block and welcome them back for Stage 2 and future projects.”

Paul Lim – August 2014