Cracker summer we’re having. We’re all so lucky to live in paradise! Here at NativeAwa we’ve enjoyed time off work with our family. We’ve spent time at Papamoa, Whangamata and Whitianga. We’ve been swimming in the water – freshwater and salt. We’ve enjoyed freshly caught snapper for dinner, scallops and crayfish!!! Being able to share the joy of the great outdoors, right on our doorstep with our children is magic. Rivers, lakes and oceans clean enough to swim in!? Well some of them are!!! At the heart of the NativeAwa vision a sustainable future with improved water quality nz. See our story –

If our future generations are to continue to enjoy the life that we all do, it’s really important for us to realise that we all are reasonable for the state of our waterways. We all play at part in this. Many of our favourite spots are showing a decline in water quality and there is a focus on polluted rivers in nz. There is, much talk about pollution, which is great, the seed is planted. However, it’s the doing that will result in long-term sustainability, if not for you but for the children of our future. NativeAwa are actively getting out there, saving the planet one tree at a time. We challenge individuals to also be a part of the solution – it’s easy to sit back and observe the state of our Waterways and discuss the how’s, why’s and who contributed. We feel change begins at an individual level, with the little things – that accumulated will become the big difference.
What contributes to waterway pollution? A number of combined factors:
Motorways (what can you do? Carpool, take the train, ride your bike, work closer to home)
Rubbish … if everybody each day picked up a tiny piece of rubbish … imagine the result
Toxic Chemicals. Disposing of them in the right way? Minimising use
Household cleaners … using natural alternatives
Plant NZ Native Plants today …. Support initiatives like a million miles – Riparian planting assists in minimising run off and other pollutants entering our waterways.
Grow your own veges… spray free
Support some of the wonderful community initiatives that dedicated people have created in our communities
Energy Efficient Housing
The list goes on.
It’s about being mindful
…. Knowing we all have the power to make a difference, education, shared knowledge is the key, glimpse through the telescope to a much brighter future. Changes now will greatly impact on the future.

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