New Zealand’s wetland and revegetation planting specialists

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We are New Zealand’s wetland and revegetation specialists

As shared guardians of the land, NativeAwa works with our natural surroundings to create a habitat and ecosystem that enables biodiversity and the best possible environmental outcomes.

From revegetation planting projects to wetland consulting, we respect New Zealand’s heritage and carefully consider how our work will affect New Zealand’s future environment.


NativeAwa brings integrity, experience, and quality workmanship to revegetation projects for long-term sustainability, for Iwi, local government, farm-owners, consultants, urban and rural developers, home-owners, and all New Zealand communities.


NativeAwa’s high-density planting increases nitrate uptake and provides a support habitat for microorganisms that break down waste products in our wetlands. Over time, a natural ecosystem evolves providing a sustainable solution that requires minimal maintenance.

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NativeAwa are SHE Accredited

Waikato and Bay of Plenty Councils have teamed up with SHE Software NZ Ltd to streamline the pre-qualification process.  The system will be made available to all councils throughout New Zealand to pre-qualify contractors.  This will ensure councils are using contractors who operate with effective health and safety management systems and are holding current and relevant insurance.

This system will help us meet our responsibilities to ensure that contractors, working for or on council assets and/or supplying services, have effective health and safety management systems to prevent harm to people and the environment or damage to property.

SHE accredited

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