We are the specialists in intensive native planting and floating wetlands in New Zealand

As shared guardians of the land, NativeAwa works with our natural surroundings to create a habitat and ecosystem that enables biodiversity and the best possible environmental outcomes.

From revegetation planting projects, to wetland consulting and floating wetland projects, we respect New Zealand’s heritage and carefully consider how our work will affect New Zealand’s future environment.

Intensive Native Planting: NativeAwa brings integrity, experience and quality workmanship to intensive native planting projects  for long-term sustainability, for Iwi, Local Government, farm-owners, consultants, urban & rural developers, home-owners and all New Zealand communities.

Floating Wetlands: We have developed and implemented a floating wetlands system that is the most affordable and versatile in New Zealand.

NativeAwa gets the job done on time and on budget!

You will deal exclusively with NativeAwa owner Robert Shearer, who will guide you through every step of the process – from your initial site consultation and development, through to planting and maintenance.

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Robert Shearer

Community is at the core of what we do. We do our best to source our plants from local suppliers and work with local contractors on our large-scale projects.