At NativeAwa we source the highest grade and best quality New Zealand native plants.

We plan the detailed placement of plants to ensure that your project is established quickly. We also carefully monitor plant growth rates by ensuring regular ongoing site visits for plant monitoring and management of weeds and pests.

Whether your project is 5 ha or 500 ha, NativeAwa will help you through the process from planning, site preparation, seed sourcing and propagation, planting, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the best results for your project.

In partnership with you – whether you are Iwi, a farmer, local government, a consultant, or a developer  – using New Zealand native plants.


Properly managed and functioning wetlands have a multitude of benefits to their immediate surroundings and play a critical role in wider ecosystems. Restored wetlands assist in the cleansing of waterways, filtering of land runoff, and promote far wider benefits to biomass and diversity of a location.

Properly managed investments in wetland restoration and management are a simple, cost-effective land management tool that provides long-term, lasting returns to property owners and the planet. High-density planting increases nitrate uptake and provides a support habitat for microorganisms that break down waste products (nitrates, fine sediments, metals, and pollutants) in our ponds.

Commercial landscaping

NativeAwa has a team that can provide a service for higher-end projects. We work in with landscape architects. NativeAwa can source or supply larger-grade specimen trees and landscape-grade plants for those larger projects.

Commercial landscaping

Land development

NativeAwa can provide common sense plans prior to planting for your sites. Every project is different and may require a year or so before planting. For example, ex-pine or heavily infested gorse blocks may require helicopter spraying and bigger mulchers.

NativeAwa works with experienced contractors to get the best results at a cost-effective price.


NativeAwa works with multiple developers and civil works contractors to complete large-scale planting of stormwater catchment ponds, berm plants, and street trees.

Pest control

NativeAwa can provide pest species monitoring and give you an individual plan for your property. NativeAwa can provide trapping, poisoning, monitoring, and shooting. Controlling rats, stoats, possums, rabbits, hares, goats, pigs, and deer.

All of our projects include the following services

All projects are unique, requiring different methodologies and approaches, but each project with NativeAwa will always include the following services.

Supply and plant

NativeAwa works alongside SeedSource for our seed and seedling supply. Although this can require 12 months’ notice, we advise the more time we have the better, as we can source for site-specific projects. In general, we will have a supply of common revegetation plants from most areas as stock.

Site preparation

NativeAwa will assess your site and work out a plan to get the best results, so the site is ready for planting. This could require helicopter or large mulcher services, although a general weed spray or pre-spray may be all that is required if the site is clean.

Project management and consultancy

Whether your project is 0.5 ha or 500 ha, we have the experience and knowledge to get your project completed in the most cost-effective and efficient way. NativeAwa has been working with many of our clients for 5 years and over, therefore building strong and trustworthy relationships.

Maintenance and post-planting care

Once your plants are in the ground, the hard work begins. The first 5 years are crucial for the survival of your plants. NativeAwa can provide the maintenance service you require to get your plants through the first 2 years. Once the shelter species is established, we can supply and plant a canopy species.

Robert will work with you directly at the beginning of the project and throughout it’s lifecycle.

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Where we source our seeds

Seed Source provides the highest quality, New Zealand Native seed to a wide range of businesses, community groups, not-for-profit, iwi, government agencies, and individuals across New Zealand.

All seeds are collected from naturally occurring native vegetation (unless stated).  We work in partnership with landowners, businesses, iwi, and government organisations to gain access to significant natural native vegetation sites to collect seeds.

We’re passionate about protecting and growing the New Zealand native seed market in a way that is both sustainable and respectful.

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