Are those weeds smothering your investment?

Well it’s that time of year; we’ve had 5 ½ months of decent spring weather. The Wetlands have had a bit more rain; so seem to be holding more moisture this season, which enabled a longer planting season. We are hoping for a few good rainy days throughout summer to keep plant establishment ticking over. With all of this of course comes the weed growth, which seems to be bolting! We are flat out keeping our Maintenance programmes up to date. During the plantings first season it’s hugely important that they get a good start, their growth rate is disadvantaged if the plants are smothered by weeds.

Take a look at the first picture here; you can see the root trainer grade plants at 5 ½ months. Note how the pre planting preparation circle is still evident and has not encroached on the plants space. This has allowed a wide opening around the plants letting in as much light as possible. In another 14 days we will be following up with more weed maintenance.

Picture 1

The second picture is of 1-ltre plants at 2.5 months (just visible, the plant is barely visible) if left potentially 60 plants could die. This was a community-based project, which we at NativeAwa have come across. It is evident that there was no pre preparation or maintenance program in place for this project. Preplanning and good advice is just as essential as the after care maintenance programme. Too much time and money has been spent here for these Native Plants to go to waste.

Picture 2