Riparian Planting needs a crowd!

New Zealands first crowdfunding website has been launched. The SBN (Sustainable Business Network), an organisation that provides support to help businesses become more sustainable, has launched the MMS (Million Metres Streams) projects which aims at restoring 1 million metres of NZ Waterways through funding for Riparian Planting.

NativeAwa are behind this project 100%, it is a fantastic way of speeding up the work that is needed to protect our environment for long term sustainability. NativeAwa see this project as another intergral piece of the puzzle to cleaning up New Zealands Waterways. Riparian Planting enables improvement to the health of the riparian zone providing protection and improvements to the freshwater environment. It provides biodiversity of both flora and fauna, enhances bird, insect and fish habitat. Riparian Planting creates a buffer zone to protect water quality, and reduces the weed spread providing aesthetic improvement for the river banks.

Great initiative, we think all New Zealanders can get behind this, coming together as Communities for an improved environment.